Oracle Active Data Guard

Complete Oracle-Aware Database Protection

Delivers real-time data protection and availability, while eliminating compromise inherent to other solutions for data protection.

  • Oracle Active Data Guard
  • Unique corruption detection and automatic repair
  • Read-only access to a physical standby database for production workload offloading
  • Database rolling upgrades and standby-first patching using physical standby
  • Includes Global Data Services, Far Sync, Fast Sync, real-time cascading and DML on global temporary tables
  • Absolutely the best protection for Oracle Database
  • Highest performance data recovery protection without compromises
  • Zero data loss data recovery protection across any distance without impacting performance
  • Comprehensive protection against planned and unplanned outages
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Oracle provides a wide range of options to help you get the most out of Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. Oracle also offers optimised and pre-integrated engineered systems for all database workloads, and the most comprehensive enterprise-class platform for big data and data warehousing.


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