Oracle Advanced Security

Transparent Data Encryption and Redaction

Comply with privacy and regulatory mandates that require encrypting and redacting (display masking) application data, such as credit cards, national insurance numbers, or personally identifiable information (PII). By encrypting data at rest and masking data whenever it leaves the database, Oracle Advanced Security provides the most cost-effective solution for comprehensive data protection.

  • Oracle Advanced Security
  • Oracle Advanced Security
  • Oracle Advanced Security
  • Provides transparent data encryption and redaction within Oracle Database
  • Helps address regulatory requirements, including PCI DSS and HIPAA HITECH
  • Minimal performance overheads and no application changes
  • Integrates with Oracle technologies including Oracle Exadata, Oracle Advanced Compression, Oracle GoldenGate, and more
Benefits of Transparent Data Encryption
  • Protects application data quickly and easily with entire tablespace or column encryption
  • Comprehensive encryption through data lifecycle including backups and exports
  • Integration with Oracle Key Vault enterprise-wide key management solution
Benefits of Data Redaction
  • Real-time sensitive application data redaction based on database session context
  • Simplified policy management includes library of redaction policies with point-and-click definition
  • Consistent enterprisewide policy enforcement applied directly to data
  • Prevents data leaks to application end users
Video: Sabre Holdings Talks About Data Redaction (1:14)
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