Oracle Compute Cloud—Dedicated Compute Capacity—SPARC Model 300

The Power of SPARC in Oracle Cloud

SPARC Model 300 is a dedicated Oracle Cloud compute service utilizing the revolutionary M7 processor with Security in Silicon technology and analytics acceleration to run application, database, and analytics workloads in production and Dev/Test environments, faster and with less hardware and software than conventional cloud infrastructures.

SPARC Model 300, front top angle view

SPARC Model 300 offers 50 percent more performance per core at the same price as conventional cloud infrastructures and delivers innovative new SPARC security and database acceleration features.

SPARC Cloud Platform

Advanced Security and Leading Performance

  • Rapidly move your existing databases and applications to SPARC systems in Oracle Cloud
  • Dedicated compute, network, and storage eliminate resource conflicts and security concerns
  • Oracle manages all the hardware, firmware, and domain configuration, freeing up time and resources
  • License capacity through a simple monthly fee, eliminating CapEx
  • Bring your own licenses (BYOL) for Oracle software to simplify migration and avoid additional costs
Customer Success Stories
SPARC in Oracle Cloud

Learn how to leverage the performance, security, and reliability of SPARC M7 hardware in Oracle Cloud for your existing production workloads, DevTest, and backup and recovery. (3:37)

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