Oracle Advanced Customer Services

Advanced Customer Services
Services to Drive Your Journey

From every starting point to every destination. Maximize the availability, performance and value of Oracle solutions with tailored, proactive services and mission-critical support.

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Why Oracle Advanced Customer Services?

For more than 20 years, Oracle Advanced Customer Services has been providing outstanding personalized and proactive mission critical support to our 4,000 customers in all major industries globally, offering support through every step of our customer’s lifecycle.

Our industry continues to change rapidly, and we know our customers must continue to modernize. Advanced Customer Services allow our customers to minimize risk and cost, and rapidly gain business advantage by implementing and supporting each customer’s unique innovation journey with highly integrated and tailored services.

Whether that journey is to modernization, Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud, our services and industry leading expertise can support our customers through each step.

  • 3,000

    experienced advanced support engineers are available worldwide to help you improve IT operations, performance, security, and availability

  • We Are Connected

    With direct links to Product Development and Global Support enabling us to provide faster resolution to issues. We are also connected to our customers globally via our unique Advanced Support Platform, providing 24 x 7 monitoring, management, migration and provisioning services.

  • We Are Integrated

    With your business needs. Whether you are on the journey to hybrid, private or public cloud solutions, we have services, experience and expertise globally to ensure you achieve your business goals.

  • We Can Automate

    Leveraging our tooling and IP to bring simplicity and consistency to our your Oracle ownership. Driving up automation and consistent support quality and driving down your cost.

  • We Are Tailored

    Providing flexible and tailored service solutions that meet each customer’s specific business needs.

  • Connected
  • Integrated
  • Automated
  • Tailored

Customer Successes

Usiminas Increases Operational Efficiency with Oracle ACS EN
Usiminas Increases Operational Efficiency with Oracle ACS EN

Usiminas deploys Oracle Exadata with the help of Oracle Advanced Customer Services, migrates 26 critical databases remotely, via the Advanced Support Platform. (2:44)

Telia Company Deploys RODOD Stack with Oracle ACS
Telia Company Deploys RODOD Stack with Oracle ACS

Telia Company deploys Oracle Communications Rapid Offer Design and Order Delivery solution with the help of Oracle Advanced Customer Services. (2:08)

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