The Changing World of an (Oracle) Database Administrator

While databases have become larger, more complex, and more technologically advanced over the years, the essential function of the database administrator (DBA) working for Oracle partners and their customers remained relatively stable: primarily to keep the data safe, secure, and available for the user community. Recent technological changes – and especially the advent of the autonomous database – look set to alter the very nature of the position. Far from making DBAs obsolete, however, these developments will enable the DBA to become more specialized, more business focused, and more highly prized for the data-driven enterprises of tomorrow.... Read


The Partner Experience at #oow19: Day three

It’s nearing the end of day three and there is still so much to learn! The Partner Lounge is full again as we wrap up the last InFocus Sessions of the week. We still have experts at both the OPN Program + ISV Information Tables and there is still time to get 2019 certified at Test Fest (@ Moscone West).... Read