4 Reasons Why Businesses Need Data Lakes

how that big data is handled remains another story.

Enter the world of data lakes. Data lakes are repositories that can take in data from multiple sources. Rather than process data for immediate analysis, all received data is stored in its native format. This model allows data lakes to hold massive amounts of data while using minimal resources. Data is only processed upon being called for usage (compared to a data warehouse, which processes all incoming data). This ultimately allows data lakes to be an efficient way for storage, resource management, and data preparation.... Read


DX Marketing Combines Power of Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics

The team at DX Marketing (DXM), an award-winning insights company with offices in Greenville, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia, found themselves in that exact predicament. As a company focused on providing data-driven digital marketing, every individual client account was essentially a new source of big data.... Read