Teleran Helps Turn Data and Analytics Into Business Advantage

Data and the analytics applications that draw out the value from that data have become a non-negotiable component of every successful business. But understanding, tracking, and managing the real use of that data remains a big challenge for most organizations. It’s about more than an understanding of the underlying data in the database and how it gets accessed and how it’s performing. Explains Teleran CEO Nathan Roseman, “At the application layer, organizations need to understand what questions are actually being asked by users, if the queries are effective, and if there are errors occurring at the application layer.” ... Read


Exadata Economics: The Real Cost of Ownership

With all the benefits of Oracle Exadata, why do some people still run Oracle databases on other platforms?  That’s a question I’ve been pondering, and while there is no single answer, a common perception is that Exadata is too expensive.  In this post, we discuss the economics of operating databases and show why Exadata has the lowest Total Cost of Ownership for most enterprises.... Read