Taking Analytics to the Edge: Moving Processing to the Data Rather than Data to the Processing

By Marc Staimer

Ground-breaking changes are happening on the edge of computing. We’re long past the days when all analytics can be centralized in datacenters or even in the cloud. It’s an increasingly decentralized world where analytics has to take place in real time right where individual sensors are, or in the fog when there’s a need to collect information from multiple devices for fast insights.... Read


Computing in the Cloud, in the Fog, and on the Edge

The proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) has made it possible to collect and analyze data, and respond, in real time. Think about an autonomous vehicle that encounters an obstacle ahead. There must be a split-second response that determines whether that obstacle is a shadow or a person in the road. In a case like this, there’s no room for error, and no room for latency. Latency, a.k.a. delay, is the enemy of response time. To make this real-time response happen, the data analysis needs to take place near the sensor on the vehicle: at the edge of the network.... Read