Agility Everywhere: Creating a Flexible Store Layout

As retail has reopened, retailers have had to evaluate their store layouts to comply with new safety requirements, as well as consumer expectations. These initial efforts have not always aligned with how a brand has typically portrayed its image. The store’s physical footprint requires a new level of agility that ebbs and flows with today’s demands and fluid guidelines of the New Next. The customer and associate experiences have become a carefully choreographed interaction where the role of channels is completely blurred and where the Mobile POS must fit into a broader technology strategy.... Read


Webcast Recap - Inside the New Next: How Your Talent, Tactics, and Tech Will Need to Evolve

Did you miss this recent webcast with Retail TouchPoints' Alicia Esposito and Oracle Retail's Greg Flinn? To summarize the Q&A discussion, they explored new strategies that retailers should consider to create agility and sustain operations. How do retailers will need to evolve to meet consumer expectations in the New Next? ... Read