The Front Line on The War for Talent

Retail environments are becoming more and more competitive when it comes to attracting and retaining talent. In an article with MarTech Advisor, I share insights around the role of the CMO in this process and the role technology plays throughout the store, specifically as it relates to revenue and the overall employee experience. Below is an excerpt from the article:... Read


Oracle Insights Help Retailers Right-Size Inventory for Every Store

Advanced data science and machine learning can give fashion retailers an accurate view of demand for sizes and styles across each store location

Fast fashion retailers are under an immense amount of pressure to get their in-store product assortments allocated perfectly. While customers expect their desired styles and sizes to be in stock, retailers grapple to minimize excessive inventory and dramatic markdowns. Part of the newly launched Oracle Retail Science Platform Cloud Service, the Size Profile Science features enable retailers to tackle this problem by helping accurately predict sales to ensure they have the right inventory mix in the right locations.... Read