Cape Cod’s Corner Store Rebounds with Integrated Online Ordering

“Oracle Food and Beverage's Complimentary 5-Point Assessment has completely turned our situation around. Not being able to have our customers come into stores has been a difficult adjustment for us, but with our new integrated online ordering platform, Oracle has helped us find our feet again.” --Steven DeLeonardis, Restaurant Owner, Corner Store... Read


Best of Outdoor Dining: Summer 2020

Restaurants are more than just food – they’re family, an experience, a place where the community comes together. Over the past few months we’ve seen restaurateurs and city zoning boards flex their creative muscles to expand capacity, maintain safe distance and ensure free airflow by extending beyond the restaurant’s traditional four walls. Al fresco options have taken shape in several forms -- from redesigning existing outdoor seating areas, to setting up tents in parking lots, and blocking off streets to motor traffic. ... Read