Oracle is simplifying IT by engineering hardware and software to work together. Each of these layers—and all the products within the layers—have been designed and engineered to work together. While Oracle is committed to open technology that works within a heterogeneous IT environment, its technology is engineered together specifically for the Oracle stack, with solutions fine-tuned and optimized between, within, and across the layers. The Oracle technology stack optimizes performance by including manageability, security and reliability engineered into every layer. The result is IT better than what our customers can build on their own. Oracle is also simplifying IT by investing in best-of-breed components and engineering them to work together for your industry. Oracle's goal is to provide a complete stack solution, fine-tuned for specific industry operations. Today, only Oracle provides a complete solutions portfolio spanning the entire landscape for more than 20 industries—from servers, storage, and IT infrastructure to mission-critical business systems, business intelligence, and service-delivery platforms. Oracle also simplifies IT by engineering solutions that empower people to drive innovation and change. Because more and more jobs require complex knowledge and skills, today's innovation worker relies on a broad set of tools that, until now, have been separate applications. Oracle next-generation applications are designed to work the way most people do today. Oracle Fusion Applications have business intelligence embedded within transactions, so users can make informed decisions and execute transactions on the spot. They also include embedded social networking, enabling people to collaborate and communicate instantly. Oracle Fusion Applications leverage the innovative technologies in Oracle Fusion Middleware, a complete family of application infrastructure solutions that run on the leading cloud application foundation. By increasing the level of optimization in engineered systems offerings, Oracle can deliver exponential performance increases and massively simplified deployment and management capabilities. Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud were Oracle's first engineered systems, and they include a complete package of servers, storage, networking, and software. Oracle now offers many additional engineered systems, as shown here. Here's a quick look at performance and other metrics associated with these systems. Oracle's goal is to provide simple system solutions that are engineered to work together to manage your IT environment. You have complete choice in the way you deploy Oracle solutions. In addition to traditional on-premises deployment, you have the option of a shared, elastically scalable, secure environment for your own private cloud or Oracle Public Cloud. You also can opt for a hybrid approach. Oracle's complete hardware and software stack provides better performance at every level. Oracle delivers greater innovation more quickly than competitors by coordinating development across the engineering teams responsible for different layers of the stack. You can think of Oracle as a finely engineered automobile, already built and tailored to your needs. You gain the value of Oracle expertise in the performance of Oracle hardware and software, engineered to work together. With Oracle, instead of focusing all your technology and expertise on managing complex IT, you can focus on the innovation that defines performance in your operation. So do you want to focus on putting your car together yourself—or do you want to buy a reliable, safe, and high-performance machine that allows you to focus on driving to where you need to go? Check out featured resources about the products and solutions that make up the complete Oracle technology stack on this Web page.