Oracle Pillar Axiom 600

Storage Savings Calculator

Your estimated storage savings results with Oracle's Pillar Axiom.

$XXX (XX%) over 3 years
$XXX (XX%) over 3 years with Hybrid Columnar Compressions
This estimate is based on:

  • XXX GigaBytes of current storage capacity, of which:
    • XX% is Tier 0 SSD
    • XX% is Tier 1 Performance Disk
    • XX% is Tier 2 High Capacity Disk
  • XXX GigaBytes of current storage capacity used for database, with:
    • XX% used for OLTP
    • XX% used for Data Warehouse
    • XX% used for Database archive
  • An expected data growth rate of XX% per year for the next 3 years.
Next Steps
Thank you for your interest in the Pillar Axiom storage system.

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