PeopleSoft Enterprise ePay

Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise ePay is a collaborative, Web-deployed solution that gives your employees immediate online access to their unified payroll information and intuitive tools for paycheck management. As one of the most commonly deployed self-service applications, PeopleSoft ePay reduces check-printing expenses and allows employees to manage payment preferences, streamlining your payroll production.

PeopleSoft ePay is part of Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management family of applications, and a valuable compliment to Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Payroll for North America and Payroll Interface products.


PeopleSoft ePay increases workforce satisfaction and reduces costs by enabling employees to view and manage their basic payroll information online.

  • Deliver personal payroll information online for easy administration of direct deposit and voluntary deductions.
  • Display payroll documents such as pay checks and year end forms as PDF documents that are identical to the printed version.
  • Reduce administrative work by allowing employees to print their PDF paycheck files and year end documents, or save them to a disk when needed.
  • Allow employees to request duplicate W-2 forms (U.S. only.) or change federal tax withholding information.
  • Automate salary and employment verification.