PeopleSoft Enterprise Marketing Solution

Optimize your lead generation. Increase your conversion rates. Drive revenue with every customer contact.

The PeopleSoft Enterprise Marketing Solution drives long-term customer value by enabling organizations to acquire new customers and retain current customers while also maximizing their return on marketing spend.

With this modular, yet comprehensive, relationship marketing solution, customer-centric organizations can drive awareness, demand, loyalty, and revenue. Unlike other marketing tools, PeopleSoft's Marketing Solution offers a flexible data model, an open architecture, built-in analytics, industry-leading usability, and robust dialog marketing functionality.

This unique combination of intelligent design, usability, and functionality provides an industry-leading prospect qualification solution plus a solid foundation for ongoing relationship communications. The PeopleSoft Enterprise Marketing Solution is unmatched for use by call center employees for cross-selling and up-selling, as well as for customer retention.




  • Understand marketing program and channel performance.
  • Increase marketing return on investment by identifying the best customers and opportunities with built-in, real-time analytics and what-if analysis.
  • Increase response rates, conversion rates, and revenue through ongoing interactive "dialogs."
  • Push qualified leads to the sales pipeline by automating the prospect qualification process.
  • Increase customer loyalty and retention by driving marketing influence to the contact center using PeopleSoft Prescriptive Analytics.
  • Create a better customer experience by providing real-time fulfillment for customer responses.
  • Manage all resources—people, team, tasks, documents, budget, and spend—more efficiently with built-in marketing resource management capabilities.
  • Keep your current customer databases and marketing investments: Marketing Solution is a modular solution that can be integrated with existing architectures.
  • Decrease total cost of ownership by leveraging the industry's most usable CRM product suite.