PeopleSoft Marketing

Oracle's PeopleSoft Marketing expands your sales pipeline and increases your retention rates, conversion rates, and marketing return on investment (MROI) by balancing resources and marketing spend with strategic plans to acquire, grow, and retain customers.

PeopleSoft Marketing is a family of applications in Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise product line.

PeopleSoft Marketing is a modular product that provides customer data management, segmentation, campaign management, resource management, and marketing analytics, which enable marketers to plan and execute on outbound and inbound marketing strategies. Oracle's PeopleSoft Marketing offers a flexible data model, an open architecture, built-in marketing analytics, and built-in Prescriptive Analytics that drive appropriate, relevant messages to customers at the point of contact.

This combination of intelligent design, usability, and functionality provides a complete campaign and resource management tool. It is also a solid foundation for ongoing relationship communications.


  • Understand marketing program and channel performance.
  • Leverage powerful, easy-to-use segmentation tools to clearly define how you treat different groups of customers.
  • Test offers and campaigns using control groups, ensuring that marketing investments drive returns.
  • Use real-time campaign analysis to understand campaign performance while the campaign is executing and make adjustments to optimize marketing investments.
  • Increase MROI by identifying the best customers and opportunities with built-in, real-time marketing analytics and what-if analysis.
  • Increase productivity through usability that enables marketer self-sufficiency and less reliance on IT.
  • Use existing customer databases, marts, or warehouses without requiring a prerequisite PeopleSoft data mart or warehouse.
  • Enable marketers to add new customer data attributes easily and leverage those attributes immediately in segmentation, list import, surveys, and personalization.
  • Search your marketing calendar by a variety of attributes, such as program type, campaign type, owner, timeframe, and even customer segment, and provide marketers with a holistic view of contact frequency by customer.
  • Coordinate multiple channels and event triggers to automate response actions, such as the ability to continue successful campaigns and discontinue campaign investments that are not driving results.
  • Manage all aspects of all marketing programs, including budgets, teams, tasks, content, approvals, and spend. Keep the marketing program execution on course with alerts that remind teams and task owners of key deliverables.
  • Integrate directly with Oracle's PeopleSoft CRM Analytics products, including PeopleSoft Enterprise Predictive Analytics, Enterprise CRM Warehouse, Enterprise CRM Scorecard, Enterprise SmartViews, and Enterprise Customer Behavior Modeling.
  • Add additional marketing functionality, such as online marketing or telemarketing, as necessary. Because Marketing is a modular solution, it can be implemented in a phased approach with your current systems.
  • Leverage out-of-the-box integration with Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Order Capture to provide a front-to-back solution that manages customer interactions all the way through purchase.
  • Leverage out-of-the-box integration with PeopleSoft Enterprise Sales for a complete solution for lead management and prospect qualification.
  • Leverage out-of-the-box integration with Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Service to ensure that your marketing organization can get the right messages to customers as they interact through your contact center.