PeopleSoft Enterprise Online Marketing

With Online Marketing, you can increase retention rates, conversion rates, and MROI (marketing return on investment) by planning ongoing, interactive campaigns that will help your organization acquire, grow, and retain customers.

Online Marketing is part of Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Marketing family of applications.

Online Marketing is a modular product that provides interactive email and web marketing functionality for building on-going interactions that drive relationship communications and prospect qualification. Unlike simplistic email marketing solutions, Online Marketing offers a flexible data model, an open architecture, built-in analytics, and industry-leading usability and dialog marketing tools; these allow you to design and execute pre-planned interaction strategies with your customers. These advanced features together let you provide a personalized experience across every email, landing page and survey, so you both meet your customers’ needs and differentiate your company from the competition.

Reach Your Customers. With Online Marketing, you can reach strategic customers more cost effectively than with traditional approaches. Reach global audiences with multi-byte character support in email messages and landing pages. Understand performance immediately with real-time campaign insights, then modify campaigns and target audiences while the campaign is in progress to maximize your investment in each campaign. Personalize email and web pages by using customer data, such as preferences, interaction history, and analytic scores, and ensure that every message is relevant.

Increase Marketer Self-Sufficiency and Productivity. Because Online Marketing is a completely web-based solution, colleagues can collaborate on campaign design. The dialog designer allows you to build ongoing customer interaction strategies quickly because the software automates the workflow between every step. For example, you do not need to manually associate each fulfillment activity with each outbound email; the linkage is made simply by linking the two together within the dialog designer. As a result, your marketing team is free to be more productive. Also, built-in campaign testing functionality alert will alert you to campaign errors and suggest remedies to quickly fix problems.


  • Respect customer preferences and protect the organizational brand through the use of global contact rules.
  • Inexpensively drive offers to large audiences via personalized, high-volume email campaigns and associated web site landing pages, surveys, and other content.
  • Execute dialog marketing strategies by automating and scheduling follow-up interactions such as confirmations and targeted offers.
  • Maximize every campaign investment by testing messages and offers with test cells, control groups, and seed lists.
  • Gain real-time insights on campaign performance, adjust campaign properties while the campaign is executing, and improve campaign effectiveness.
  • Measure key metrics, including emails delivered, click-throughs, responses, and lead conversions.