PeopleSoft Enterprise Real-Time Advisor

Real-Time Advisor aligns customers' needs with your solution offerings in real time to increase incremental revenue and customer satisfaction while preventing lost selling opportunities. It also provides intelligent expert guidance across multiple channels, including contact centers, the internet, direct sales, inside sales, and partners, to match your customers' needs with the ideal product or service and to raise customer conversion rates, increases profitability, and lower the cost of selling.

Real-Time Advisor is part of Oracle's Enterprise Marketing family of applications.

You can prevent your customers from abandoning a possible sale when they can't find a solution on their own as well as lead them to a more complete solution through unbiased advice. Using Enterprise Real-Time Advisor, your sales representatives and customer service agents can achieve both higher average selling prices and lower costs of selling.


  • A point-and-click session development environment.
  • A spectrum of model options: No data is required, and you can easily build your own models.
  • Flexibility on how your customers would like to interact with you (which is not always the same as the logical or expected interaction flow).
  • Capability of your customers changing their answers and receiving new recommendations, which helps you support a more realistic process for your customers to follow while shopping.
  • Dynamic and interactive question-and-answer capabilities.
  • Reusable question libraries.
  • Recommendations that can be highly personalized based on interaction responses and other stored customer data, such as profile data and third-party model scores.
  • Recommendations that combine known facts about customer needs with new facts uncovered through dynamic profiling.
  • Recommendations with or without an interactive question-and-answer session, or both, depending on your needs.
  • Session continuation that enables customers to start a Real-Time Advisor session, leave it, and come back to continue where they left off.
  • Automatic mapping of customer requirements to specific, ranked recommendations for your products or services.
  • Integration to other real-time enterprise applications to lower the TCO (total cost of ownership) by eliminating the time and expense associated with manual integration and maintenance.