PeopleSoft Sales

PeopleSoft Sales provides comprehensive solutions that improve sales effectiveness and efficiency. The role-based, intuitive interface makes it easy for your sales team to manage their top deals, increase account penetration, and build relationships with key contacts. Sales executives can ensure that sales performance is on track and aligned with corporate objectives using flexible territory management, forecasting, and reporting tools with inline sales analytics to support real-time decision-making. Pre-built integration to billing, supply chain, and fulfillment systems helps you enhance and extend your sales processes across the enterprise.

Sales is part of Oracle's PeopleSoft family of Sales applications.


  • Collaborate across multiple sales channels.
  • Improve sales execution using inline analytics to trigger recommended actions.
  • Offer the right value proposition to meet customer needs.
  • Increase sales velocity and win rates by providing real-time, 360-degree visibility for pipeline, opportunity, and account management, with context-specific selling knowledge on key competitors, partners, and market issues.
  • Reduce administrative burden by automating and improving processes such as territory management, forecasting, training, and reporting.
  • Build stronger relationships with key influencers and decision makers using call reports and tools for contact, task, and calendar management.
  • Bridge the gap between sales and marketing to increase lead volume, quality, and conversion rates.
  • Increase user adoption with an easy-to-use, role-based interface that can be quickly configured and personalized.
  • Partner-enable your sales and commerce capabilities to capture more opportunities without increasing your selling costs.