PeopleSoft Enterprise Service Solution

Customers today demand "on-the-spot," personalized service through the channel of their choice. The PeopleSoft Enterprise Service Solution is designed to meet the increasing demands of your customers while providing you the tools to generate revenue and increase profitability.

Service is a solution in Oracle's Enterprise CRM family of applications.



  • Empowers customers with a choice of communication methods through a multichannel contact center—including web self-service, chat, phone, fax, and email.
  • Offers multichannel agent console for voice, email, and web.
  • Delivers intelligent agent and group assignments with graphic agent scheduling.
  • Increases cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with product recommendation and automatic-order generation.
  • Provides a 360-degree customer view, guaranteeing everyone in your organization has the information they need to deliver superior service every time.
  • Schedules preventative maintenance through an intuitive scheduler.
  • Defines multiple relationships for each customer to better understand their value and maintain a comprehensive, consistent customer history.
  • Tailors search criteria to unique business needs without customization.
  • Enables real-time, role-based analytics to monitor or evaluate performance KPI scenarios.