PeopleSoft Enterprise HelpDesk

PeopleSoft Enterprise HelpDesk enhances the overall speed and quality of internal support operations by optimizing the efforts of your help desk staff and providing comprehensive process automation. With Enterprise HelpDesk, you can leverage real-time enterprise data to provide faster, more accurate internal support, maximize employee productivity, monitor service performance, and control service costs.

HelpDesk is part of Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise family of Service applications.


  • Achieve a 360-degree view of the employee, allowing the agent to quickly and easily determine the correct solution to the employee's query or issue.
  • Determine the best resolution to a problem with a robust search engine delivering solutions weighted, ranked, or scored by accuracy.
  • Use skills-based routing to automatically identify the agents who are best suited to solve specific issues.
  • Access a central repository of diagnostic tools such as trouble-shooting scripts, problem-solving techniques, and agent-recommended solutions.
  • Manage correspondence to employees or contacts.
  • Shortcut data entry with quick codes that populate the category, specialty type, and details fields, increasing your agents' productivity.
  • Receive, classify, route, answer, and respond to customers efficiently with email response management and chat.
  • Leverage self-service to allow workers to create cases and search the knowledge base for efficient problem resolution.