PeopleSoft Enterprise MultiChannel Communications

MultiChannel Communications delivers both email response management system and chat. With this application your enterprise can address high volumes of incoming structured (such as web forms) and unstructured emails using the ability to classify, route, and respond via universal queuing. Agents can review their queue of inbound emails, access complete customer histories and profiles, open and add attachments to email messages, and provide personalized responses. Operating in real-time, web collaboration enables customers and customer service representatives to communicate via a two-way text chat, delivering personalized service.

Enterprise MultiChannel Communications is part of Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Customer Relationship Management family of applications.


  • Address high volumes of incoming structured emails, unstructured emails, and chat requests.
  • Route email and chat requests using pre-determined business logic, including location, skills, knowledge, customer preference, and customer value, with universal queuing.
  • Provide personalized auto-acknowledgments and auto-responses.
  • View your inbound email queue.
  • Process inbound and outbound attachments.
  • Enable customers and customer service representatives to communicate via two-way text chat.
  • Use automated screen pops for email or chat requests.
  • Access standard-response templates.
  • Create a case automatically from an inbound email or chat request.
  • Monitor outbound email messages to ensure quality.
  • Maintain a complete history of each email and chat interaction.