PeopleSoft CRM Analytics

In truly customer-centric companies, every person within the organization has a deep understanding of the customer within the context of their role. Executives strategically understand customers and their value to the company, including overall satisfaction and overall profitability of each key customer segment. Managers track real-time operational metrics on the day-to-day activities of their teams. And front-line users—customer service representatives, sales representatives, and marketers—receive proactive alerts and embedded analysis to help them interact with customers in the most profitable manner.

PeopleSoft CRM Analytics provides closed-loop visibility to customer behaviors and interactions throughout the entire customer lifecycle, giving you the information you need to interact with your customers based on their needs and the value they represent to your company. Now you can strategize, plan, and measure marketing, sales, and support activities that drive profitable long-term customer relationships.




  • Marketing: Use PeopleSoft CRM Analytics to determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, predict future customer trends, and identify specific customer segments including up-sell opportunities, unprofitable customers, and customers likely to defect.
  • Sales: Use PeopleSoft CRM Analytics to measure the effectiveness of initiatives and incentive programs in meeting overall sales goals, understand the health of the pipeline, track the performance of the sales team, and allocate resources based on customer value and needs.
  • Service: Use PeopleSoft CRM Analytics to analyze call center interactions, determine the cost-to-service ratio per customer segment, and deliver the most appropriate levels of service.