CRM Portal Pack

As your organization grows, the data that drives your critical day-to-day operations grow proportionately, serving both internal and external stakeholders. In order to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your workforce, workers need a quick and easy access to the information that is scattered across your organization through well-managed and secured content aggregation.

PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM Portal Pack is a collection of portal pagelets for corporate intranet or extranet homepages that provides access to key CRM transactional data within PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM applications for use in the employee and customer portal registries. With its Pagelet Wizard, authorized users can also create their own personalized pagelets using the contents from various data sources.


  • Powerful content aggregation which allows users to view scattered organizational data in centralized, consolidated pagelets
  • Secured and confidential information protected by the PeopleSoft security framework via user roles and permissions
  • Delivered pagelets specifically designed for PeopleSoft CRM applications
  • User-friendly, graphical user interface (GUI) Pagelet Wizard for easy creation of custom pagelets
  • Flexible content configuration through user personalization