PeopleSoft Planning and Budgeting

Today, with ever changing market conditions and the increasing velocity of business, budget preparers are under pressure to ensure that strategic plans and operational budgets remain aligned. Yet historically, the planning and budgeting process has been a highly iterative and resource-intensive effort that often yields results that are obsolete as soon as they are published.

Oracle's PeopleSoft Planning and Budgeting offers an unparalleled solution for implementing, monitoring, and adjusting financial objectives and deploying these objectives to all levels of the organization in real time. Users receive continuous feedback of actual results against department-level and companywide business goals that can be used to dynamically assess and immediately respond to rapidly changing business conditions.


Integrated End-to-End Solution

  • Prepare and analyze plans in real time without having to move data between applications.
  • Compare strategic plans with detailed budgets by using online variance analyses and reports.
  • Create dynamic relationships between target and budget scenarios for tightly interrelated modeling.

Flexible Model Design

  • Create strategic plans and detailed budgets that span various time periods.
  • Create summary-level strategic targets as well as detailed bottom-up budgets, all within a single model.
  • Develop detailed budgets based on prior years' historical data, current-year actuals, previous budgets, higher-level strategic plans, or zero-based methodologies.
Flexible and Robust Formula Methodologies


  • Leverage the predelivered functions, such as if-then, financial, depreciation, and data functions.
  • Create formulas quickly and efficiently with delivered methods such as economic drivers, head count, and detailed itemizations.
  • Dynamically recalculate plans as underlying assumptions and supporting details vary during the planning cycle.

Collaborative, Role-Based Process

  • Prepare, review, and approve plans and budgets in a personalized, role-based workspace.
  • Automatically generate personalized work lists and grant secure data access to provide users with visibility into budget status.
  • Streamline the planning and budgeting process with e-mail notifications and online notations.

Intuitive User Interface

  • Establish control and oversight of the planning and budgeting cycle through the Administrator Console.
  • Create complex formula methods in an easy-to-use, three-step wizard that provides guidance and online help for novice users.
  • Leverage the power and familiarity of your spreadsheet application to upload new data into PeopleSoft Planning and Budgeting or edit existing data.

Dynamic Reporting and Analysis

  • Analyze business plans and line-item budgets with online reporting, including variance and trend analysis across multiple scenarios, versions, positions, and asset data.
  • Customize views of data with real-time, interactive drag-and-drop functionality.
  • With a single click, filter the online analysis to display only the rows and columns of data you are interested in and then simply return to the original analysis view.