PeopleSoft Project Portfolio Management

Improve Your Portfolio Management Processes
Oracle's PeopleSoft Project Portfolio Management helps organizations evaluate, analyze, prioritize, and select the right set of projects supported by financial goals, strategic goals, and available funds. Project Portfolio Management will help your organization make the right business decisions when your environment changes due to budgetary or strategy adjustments, mergers and acquisitions, and competitive positioning. With Project Portfolio Management, CIOs, CEOs, and CFOs speak the same language, share risk, and collaborate in the investment decision-making process so they can make smart decisions about which projects are critical to corporate success.


Centralize Project Requests

  • Use best practice templates for project requests with similar characteristics and assumptions.
  • Submit multiple alternatives for a single project request using versioning control features.

Select the Right Mix of Projects

  • Group project requests into portfolios based upon business objectives, risk, and other commonalities.
  • Use filter-based portfolio creation tools to set portfolio criteria and automatically populate qualifying projects.

Monitor Projects

  • Select from a rich library of fully customizable chart types and organize them into a dashboard to view the KPIs that matter to you.
  • Get proactive notification of project "hot spots" so that you can redirect projects in real-time.