PeopleSoft Scorecard

No matter what your business, unforgiving market forces make flawless execution a critical component of your competitive advantage. However, reaching consensus on strategic direction, prioritizing goals, measuring progress, and making adjustments-from management to line-of-business employees-can be a difficult task, increasing the chances for ineffective decisions and poor performance.

PeopleSoft Scorecard enables your organization to align corporate strategy with tactical execution. By providing the ability to define strategies, communicate critical success factors to everyone in the enterprise, and measure tangible results on a continuous basis, PeopleSoft Scorecard empowers you to identify opportunities for improved effectiveness and optimize the performance of your entire organization.


  • Enterprisewide Alignment and Accountability. Using PeopleSoft Scorecard, you can orchestrate your entire planning and performance management process in a collaborative manner. From developing and communicating corporate strategy, to determining appropriate performance metrics, to monitoring and measuring performance, PeopleSoft Scorecard ensures that every employee throughout your organization can identify and measure his or her contribution to your company's success.
  • Continuously Plan and Manage Performance. With PeopleSoft Scorecard, you can set strategy, define appropriate individual key performance indicators (KPIs), and continuously monitor performance for every part of your organization from business line to production line.
  • Provide Visibility At Every Level. With PeopleSoft Scorecard, you can generate and distribute personalized, role-based scorecards so that every employee can see how he or she is personally contributing to the success of the corporate strategy.
  • Enable Personalization and Customization. PeopleSoft Scorecard provides a friendly way for all employees to organize key performance indicators (KPIs) into a dashboard so that they only view the KPIs that matter to them, in a way that makes the most sense.
  • Leading Performance Management Methodologies. By combining proven strategic management techniques with an effective, automated mechanism for managing and measuring your organization's performance, PeopleSoft Scorecard provides a single point of definition and calculation for all metrics. You can use its sophisticated user interface to intuitively assess current performance against target objectives-and forecast future performance to determine if you need to fine-tune your strategy. PeopleSoft Scorecard's flexibility enables the use of granular, tactical metrics. It also supports leading performance management methodologies, including the Balanced Scorecard developed by Dr. Robert Kaplan and Dr. David Norton.
  • Scorecard Applications for Industry and Business Functions. PeopleSoft delivers a variety of industry- and role-based scorecards that build on the foundation of PeopleSoft Scorecard. The scorecards include predefined and custom metrics that are unique to your industry or role within an organization. Industry and functional scorecards include Customer Scorecard, Healthcare Scorecard, Manufacturing Scorecard, Project Portfolio Management, and Supplier Rating System.