PeopleSoft Performance Management Warehouse

Driving disciplined growth is your first priority. After all, your company's long-term viability depends on it. While the process of defining goals and creating initiatives to reach them may seem simple, many enterprises stumble on the execution. Knowing whether you are on the right track is not only difficult, it can be elusive. How can you identify your most profitable markets, customers, and products? Is your supply chain adapting to meet changing customer demands? Do you have the talent you need to complete critical projects, or are high turnover rates leaving you short on resources?

Oracle's PeopleSoft Performance Management Warehouse provides a powerful foundation for driving business performance. Intelligently consolidated data across multiple subject areas, industries, and geographies allows you to assess the performance of your customers, suppliers, workforce, and operations very step of the way. Sophisticated reports, scorecards, and multidimensional analysis tools allow you to identify and act on business opportunities while improving business processes. And if you find that you are veering off-track, PeopleSoft Performance Management Warehouse helps you adjust operations to realign with your corporate strategy.



  • Single, Analytics Framework
    PeopleSoft Performance Management Warehouse is built on the PeopleSoft EPM Foundation, a single analytics framework that provides IT organizations with one platform and toolset from which to manage and support your warehouse. PeopleSoft EPM Foundation includes the following common utilities that enable unparalleled flexibility, openness, and modularity.
  • Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) Tools
    Best-in-class extract, transform, and load (ETL) tools capture data from any business application across your enterprise-including PeopleSoft, third-party, and legacy source systems-storing it in a central repository for analysis.
  • Metadata Management
    Powerful metadata management tools handle multiple layers of metadata-from PeopleSoft applications as well as third-party applications and business intelligence tools-giving you the most complete view of your enterprise possible.
  • Globalization
    Multi-currency and multi-language support offer flexibility and scalability to global enterprises of all sizes. Shared exchange rate definitions ensure consistent currency conversion across all EPM analytical applications and ad-hoc analyses.
  • Security
    Built-in security features make it easy for your IT team to manage role-based access to data and views, ensuring that only authorized individuals can view information needed to make critical decisions. Highly configurable application and data level security including role, page, component, and row level provide flexibility and control for the most demanding customers.
  • Rich Analytic Content
    PeopleSoft Performance Management Warehouse is comprised of four functional warehouses that provide you with the prepackaged maps, robust analytic data models, and derived business metrics that you need to easily assess potential problems or key opportunities across your most important business processes. Each functional warehouse includes content-specific data marts that can be deployed together for a complete, integrated analytic platform or deployed modularly to meet your specific business and budgetary requirements.
  • Open Architecture
    With the open and flexible architecture of PeopleSoft Performance Management Warehouse, you can use PeopleSoft reporting and scorecarding technology, as well as leading third-party BI/OLAP technology, to create reports, charts, and graphs. PeopleSoft Performance Management Warehouse also lets you analyze your information by using various dimensions-such as customer, product, employee, or time-so that you can measure performance and deliver information according to the needs of your target users.