PeopleSoft Supply Chain Analytics

When a performance-driven approach is applied to a manufacturing-based enterprise, an effective, streamlined supply chain takes center stage. These enterprises focus on performance-enhancing initiatives that let them reduce inventories and operational costs and improve customer service through better, timelier product availability. Such near-flawless execution is a result of having crystal-clear visibility into the supply chain to identify problems early and make real-time adjustments to supply chain processes.

With PeopleSoft Supply Chain Analytics, you have the real-time information that you need to manage your minute-to-minute operational performance. Now you can track your most profitable products, investigate production problems before they become critical bottlenecks, identify product quality issues, and track operational performance in order to continually maintain costs and improve customer satisfaction.



  • Plan-to-Produce: Use PeopleSoft Supply Chain Analytics in the plan-to-produce process to clarify capacity, materials, and customer demand imbalances, and project how changes will impact the other components of the plan.
  • Source-to-Settle: Use PeopleSoft Supply Chain Analytics in the source-to-settle process to understand how well a supplier adapts and responds to an engineering change request or order, the product quality of each supplier, and whether the product quality negatively impacts your final-delivered product or service.
  • Order-to-Cash: Use PeopleSoft Supply Chain Analytics in the order-to-cash process to clarify everything from which product promotions are most effective with which channels, to which warehouses and freight carriers are most responsive. Analytics can also be instrumental in determining which customers are paying in a timely fashion, whether collections and payment disputes are handled efficiently and effectively, and where product quality issues may be the root cause of an increase in payment disputes.