PeopleSoft Enterprise Directory Interface

Oracle PeopleSoft delivers pre-built integration with LDAP v3 (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol version 3) directories for external authentication.

Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Directory Interface extends this integration so that you can share the data that already exists and is maintained in your PeopleSoft HCM database with your directory. When using Directory Interface, the LDAP schema is modified with PeopleSoft specific object classes and attributes to create a structure in LDAP which reflects the organizational structure defined in HCM. Effective Dated Messages are created from Workforce Management events to modify the LDAP structure to reflect changes in the workforce. Complete, out-of-the-box integration with leading directory servers and Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management (HCM) creates a single, secure solution for user profile creation and maintenance.


PeopleSoft Directory Interface simplifies directory setup and data maintenance, ensuring that the user data in the directory matches the selected PeopleSoft data. Reduce IT costs by automating the time-consuming process of maintaining employee profiles.

  • Eliminate the expense and hassle of managing data in multiple locations
  • Enable single authentication repository for access to enterprise applications
  • Maintain the directory hierarchy of your choice
  • Integrate PeopleSoft HCM with leading directory servers and populate your directories with PeopleSoft HCM data
  • Streamline directory design changes
  • Control access to your PeopleSoft applications using LDAP security
  • Deliver a role-based user experience by retrieving user settings from the directory