PeopleSoft Enterprise eCompensation

Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise eCompensation with Manager Desktop is the solution for administering compensation programs for employees, either individually or by groups, through compensation planning, administration, and reporting activities. Delivered integration with Human Resources, Variable Compensation and ePerformance, means you're guaranteed up-to-date information when you need it. eCompensation gives administrators the tools to model Salary, Cash & Non-Cash plans that strategically spend compensation dollars and drive performance. Managers are also able to provide total compensation reporting to their employees, a valuable retention tool for the organization.

PeopleSoft Enterprise eCompensation is part of Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management family of applications.


PeopleSoft Enterprise eCompensation improves the efficiency and accuracy with which managers address compensation issues. Managers gain easy online access to total workforce compensation information, as well as third-party benchmarking and salary surveys that they can then use to request or perform salary changes.

  • Compensation Alerts notify managers when a Compensation Cycle is available for their group. When complete, changes are submitted and routed for approval
  • Automated Salary proration and eligibility rules further eliminate manual intervention
  • View total compensation-related information for direct reports from a central location, including salary, cash components, and non cash items
  • Request or grant base salary increases for employees, which are automatically routed for approval, either during targeted review periods or on an ad-hoc basis
  • Request or grant a base salary increase for a group of employees, which you can optionally track against an approved salary-increase budget
  • Easily set up workflow to automate approval routing
  • Use PeopleSoft's global functionality to ensure that all text, date formatting, and data elements are appropriate for multinational operations
  • Conduct business in any of 14 languages, or use Unicode support to translate PeopleSoft Enterprise eCompensation into 200 additional languages