PeopleSoft Workforce Performance Solutions

Oracle's PeopleSoft Workforce Performance Solutions is an end-to-end enterprise employee performance and development solution. It supports every stage of workforce development in alignment with business strategy. And it gives management the tools they need to identify and respond to workforce performance-related business challenges. Organizations can assess workforce capabilities, plan for growth and development, assess performance on a continual basis, develop effective learning programs, and measure results within a single system.

The end-to-end business process approach enables an actionable workforce performance practice that drives enterprise success. Employees get the plans, tools, and incentives to succeed—and management gets the metrics needed to track program success. From analyzing needs, to planning goals, to measuring the performance of your global workforce, PeopleSoft Workforce Performance Solutions provides robust functionality with the convenience, cost savings and ROI that only an enterprise solution can offer.

PeopleSoft Workforce Performance Solutions is part of Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management family of applications.



  • Execute performance, learning, and development initiatives at a lower cost.
  • Use a single, global solution to meet all of your workforce development needs.
  • Gain visibility into all stakeholders involved in workforce development.
  • Ensure compliance by using proper competency tracking, performance management, and development tools.
  • Increase employee and manager adoption and accountability.