PeopleSoft eBill Payment

Oracle's PeopleSoft eBill Payment is an electronic bill presentment solution that allows organizations to reduce the cost of billing and collections, while improving overall customer service. PeopleSoft eBill Payment gives your customers the convenience of paying their bills online—24 hours a day, seven days a week.

PeopleSoft eBill Payment is integral to PeopleSoft's credit to cash solution and part Oracle's PeopleSoft Financial Management family of applications.


Maximize Customer Benefits

  • Increase convenience for your customers by allowing them to monitor their account status
  • View recent transactions, invoices, invoice history, and make payments over the internet
  • Improve customer retention by delivering high touch customer service through the self-service portal
  • Reduce data management by enabling self-service account management and allowing customers to manage their addresses, contact and credit card information

Maximize Cash and Reduce DSO

  • Speed collection efforts by allowing customers to pay using credit or debit cards
  • Forecast revenue and gain visibility into future cash inflow by allowing customers to setup future payment dates
  • Introduce payment flexibility by allowing customers to pay in real-time their entire account balance, individual invoices or partial invoices
  • Lower costs on customer service by automating dispute handling and enabling customer communication through electronic channels
  • Reduce processing, labor and equipment costs by delivering bills in electronic format

Enhance the Bill Payment Experience

  • Automate bill presentment and payment processing through integration with PeopleSoft Billing and PeopleSoft Receivables
  • Support real-time payment confirmation and authorization for credit cards through integration with third party payment processing vendors
  • Support customers world-wide with multi-language and multi-currency capabilities