PeopleSoft Enterprise Quality

Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Quality helps you secure quality goods and information from your suppliers. Create measurement tolerances and control plans that are unique to your organization's supply chain operations. Employ real-time statistical process control to determine defective products or processes and electronically route violations to the appropriate personnel.

PeopleSoft Quality is part of Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Supply Chain Management family of applications.


  • Precisely and thoroughly define your quality management plan when setting up your system environment, ensuring critical quality control and measurement.
  • Empower your employees—from the buyer to the warehouse manager to the shop floor supervisor—to identify defective components and their associated defect-producing processes before they become too costly.
  • Implement industry-standard quality management controls by defining charting, testing, and graphic techniques and applying them to both online and offline quality analysis functions.
  • Collect quality control data, review alarms, and take corrective actions to ensure continuous quality improvements.
  • Analyze quality data interactively and intuitively using graphics and analysis tools—including spreadsheets, statistical matrices, control charts, histograms, box plots, and line graphs.
  • Integrate with inspection and test equipment through enterprise integration points that use standard Web-based messaging to collect inspection data, assess control, and return statistical results for complete, integrated quality management analysis.