PeopleSoft Enterprise Flow Production

Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Flow Production optimizes your production and replenishment activities by eliminating inefficiencies in raw material movements. You can shorten production, purchasing, and supply chain paths; increase throughput and inventory flow; and ensure that lead times are composed of value-added activities. PeopleSoft Flow Production efficiently handles vendor-managed inventory and supplier collaboration initiatives—delivering maximum value from your supply chain.

PeopleSoft Flow Production is part of Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Supply Chain Management family of applications.


  • Import Kanban cards from an external production planning system. Create ad hoc Kanbans.
  • Replenish work-in-process (WIP) locations from an inventory location, feeder line, or directly from a supplier.
  • Streamline the material movement process and control WIP by using barcoded Kanban cards or pull lists and pull tickets.
  • Report replenishment fulfillment with item and location attributes.
  • Track, modify, or report the status of individual Kanbans.
  • Create replenishment requests by manually scanning or by backflushing components.
  • Collaborate with vendors on supplier schedules and shipment requests (Kanban cards or electronic Kanbans) against those schedules.
  • Streamline the vendor receiving process by receiving Kanban ID directly at the production line (or WIP location) that requires the material.