PeopleSoft Enterprise Engineering

Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Engineering helps you manage the product introduction and change process throughout your enterprise in a dynamic design-to-deploy business solution. Powerful features such as engineering change orders (ECOs), engineering change requests (ECRs), engineering bills of materials (EBOMs), engineering routings (ERTGs), item revisions, substitute items, and automated workflow perform together to optimize your engineering and manufacturing processes.

PeopleSoft Engineering is part of Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Supply Chain Management family of applications.


  • Exercise complete control over your product design by creating, maintaining, and sharing engineering data and product content outside of the production environment.
  • Allow enterprise access to key engineering documents in a secure environment, and maintain user-defined levels of document version control.
  • Collaborate with your suppliers on ECRs, ECOs, and BOM changes for rapid response.
  • Improve the change order process and reduce cycle times to release ECOs by using embedded workflows.
  • Maximize efficiency and convenience by delivering and sharing change orders throughout your supply chain—all via the internet—with PeopleSoft's Pure Internet Architecture®.
  • View key engineering deliverables, metrics, and information—on one simple screen—when you use it with PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management Portal Pack.