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PeopleSoft Enterprise Demand Planning

Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Demand Planning enables you to create quality demand forecasts based on statistical analysis of demand history, causal factors such as events and promotions, and collaborative input from both employees and trading partners. Better demand planning helps you increase forecast accuracy and production efficiency so that you can lower inventory levels and dramatically improve customer service.

PeopleSoft Demand Planning is part of Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Supply Chain Management family of applications.


  • Improve forecast accuracy by using statistical analysis combined with customer and management input of strategic and tactical plans.
  • Customize views of forecast data to fit the needs of different departments—from sales to marketing to operations—to meet their individual planning requirements.
  • Develop more accurate forecasts by using seasonal, nonseasonal, and moving-average forecasting models and adjust forecasts to reflect events and promotions.
  • Compare and evaluate all forecasts—online—and select the best strategy.
  • Create forecasts that match your product lifecycle—from birth and growth to maturity and decline—to reflect accurately the way your product be haves.