PeopleSoft Supplier Rating System

Your enterprise relies on the dependability of your suppliers. After all, their performance enables yours. Which is why good sourcing entails more than just comparing supplier prices. It requires you to know how a supplier impacts your company overall-from the loading dock to the shop floor to the finance department.

Oracle's PeopleSoft Supplier Rating System collects critical data from across the enterprise to provide a complete view of your suppliers' performance. With this information, you can select the best suppliers, reduce supply variability and disruption, negotiate better contracts, and confidently modify sourcing strategies as business needs change.


A Strategic Framework for Sourcing Decisions

  • Consistently measure and rate individual suppliers to identify areas where a change in strategy would give you better supply options or purchasing leverage.
  • Benchmark your supply base as a group and determine areas where changes in your operations or supplier management practices would make a positive business impact.
  • Leverage your complete supplier base and purchasing power to make contract decisions.

A Complete View of Supplier Performance

  • View critical process information from systems across your organization-including financial, manufacturing, and distribution systems-for a real-time, 360-degree view of each supplier's performance.
  • Evaluate suppliers based upon a complete picture of each supplier across your whole organization instead of the experiences of one division or function within your company.

A Collaborative System for Suppliers

  • Share performance measures, targets, and assessments with suppliers in a secure, collaborative environment.
  • Send automatic e-mail alerts to suppliers if their score falls below a specific threshold on a key performance indicator (KPI).
  • Help suppliers understand how you are measuring their performance so that they will know exactly how to adjust their service.

Supplier Rating Models and Scorecards

  • Allocate scores and ratings to each supplier, and selectively review and compare the performance of suppliers by overall rating, performance category, or KPI.
  • Customize supplier scorecards to meet your needs, setting it to score only the suppliers for which you are responsible with only the KPIs that matter to you.
  • Perform "what-if" analysis by changing weighting factors and dynamically reevaluating supplier ratings.

Predefined Key Performance Indicators

  • Leverage more than 80 predefined KPIs to deliver the information you need to source strategically.
  • Integrate more than a dozen Dun & Bradstreet KPIs predefined for use by Dun & Bradstreet subscribers.