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PeopleTools 8.56 is Now Available

PeopleTools is proud to announce the release of PeopleTools 8.55. Learn more about these features, see PeopleTools 8.55 New Features Overview (Document ID: 2079572.1 - My Oracle Support login).

With the PeopleTools 8.55 release, Oracle continues our commitment to extend the value of your investment in PeopleSoft. The capabilities included in this release have been designed to enhance many of the features we’ve delivered previously as well as to provide our application users substantial new functionality.

Features included in this release focus on continued improvements to the PeopleSoft User Experience while providing additional technology options that will help you take advantage of data center innovations proven to reduce ongoing operating costs and assist in developing a Cloud deployment strategy.

PeopleTools 8.55 dramatically extends our investment in the Fluid User Experience. Our previous release provided the basic Fluid feature-set and this next release builds upon that foundation with a large number of valuable enhancements.

In a similar vein, we have extended many other elements of the PeopleSoft system infrastructure including Selective Adoption and Application Lifecycle Management features, the PeopleSoft Analytics capabilities and the ability for customers to deploy and manage PeopleSoft in a Cloud datacenter.

PeopleTools 8.55 introduces the new PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture (PCA), a comprehensive organization of system-wide structures, features and capabilities that will allow our customers to achieve greater operational efficiencies. Whether a company has a DevOps strategy to improve the collaboration between their internal PeopleSoft development and Quality Assurance teams and their IT Operations group, or a comprehensive initiative to leverage Cloud solutions for datacenter operations, the PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture will assist our customers to reach these strategic goals with their own PeopleSoft application investment.

The Cloud Architecture and incorporated features such as Deployment Packages work with the Application Configuration Manager (ACM) and PeopleSoft’s virtualization capabilities to provide customers a near fully automated process to install and configure a PeopleSoft instance as well as to upgrade and apply patches to PeopleTools. Our strategy is to help our customers leverage server and datacenter innovations such as market-leading resource virtualization solutions with choice of virtualization platform vendor as well as dynamic deployment of our solutions to public and private cloud computing infrastructure, including the Oracle Public Could.

PeopleTools 8.55 offers significant enhancements across the entire product footprint. This release has introduced new features that improve the productivity of your developers as well as your end users. It will be easier to deploy PeopleSoft applications on the cloud, develop custom mobile applications that incorporate PeopleSoft data and provide your users personalized access to PeopleSoft information and analytic content. This release builds functionality into the product as a result of direct customer input, industry analysis and internal feature design. New features, bug fixes and product certifications combine to offer PeopleSoft customers improved application user experience and operational efficiency.

PeopleTools 8.56

Look back for content related to PeopleTools 8.56 in the next few months. We’ll continue to deliver enhancements to PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface and expand PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture (PCA). But most importantly we will use PeopleTools 8.56 as the stepping ground to deliver PeopleTools in a Continuous Delivery model similar to the rest of the PeopleSoft applications.