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Automate Accounts Payable Invoicing and Processing Operations


Automated Accounts Payable Invoice Processing

Automation of invoice processing reduces your reliance on paper forms, faxes, and documents. It enables you to take advantage of dynamic discounting, eliminate late-payment fees, and improve throughput.

With Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle WebCenter, you can begin realizing the benefits of automating accounts payable quickly without having to rely on multiple vendors and costly, extensive customizations. By automating your accounts payable invoice processing with Oracle WebCenter, you can:

  • Decrease storage, transportation, and labor costs by getting rid of paper with integrated document capture and imaging
  • Streamline procure-to-pay operations and maximize early payment discounts by dramatically decreasing the time it takes for data entry, exception handling, and approvals
  • Improve process visibility with real-time monitoring of key performance metrics and insight into process bottlenecks
  • Strengthen financial controls with complete content management for financial documents, including retention and records
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Reduce Operational Costs With Automated Imaging

Optimizing processes like Accounts Payable means reducing reliance on paper. Rapid payment handling requires immediate access to application forms, contracts, faxes, images, and other types of content.

Oracle WebCenter Imaging automates the routing of incoming content and ensures that it is available within the context of your business process.

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