Stuck in the past with Documentum? It's time to move to the 21st century!

Do you still have:

  • An 8-track in your car?
  • A Betamax in your living room?
  • A Walkman in your backpack?
  • Are you still waiting for your millennium software updates?

Why do you still have Documentum in your business? It’s time to move to the 21st century and start innovating with Oracle WebCenter. Learn how companies are switching to Oracle WebCenter to increase user engagement and slash their costs in this on-demand Webcast.

Replace Your Documentum

Trade In Your Documentum and Get 100% Credit for Oracle WebCenter

Take advantage of this offer from Oracle and trade in your Documentum licenses for Oracle WebCenter. Act now and get your organization on the user-engagement platform that drives innovation and provides:

  • Industry-leading ECM infrastructure
  • Pre-integration with your enterprise applications
  • A future-proof infrastructure from a market leader
  • Lower total cost of ownership
Driving User Engagement Infrastructure Consolidation

Oracle WebCenter is the user-engagement platform for social business—connecting people and information. It brings together the most complete portfolio of content and collaboration technologies.

Oracle WebCenter provides the scalable infrastructure you need to consolidate your content management systems. See how it handles the specific content needs of organizations and provides a lower-cost platform to drive innovation.

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