Oracle WebCenter Sites
Satellite Server

Deliver a Dynamic Global Web Experience

Oracle WebCenter Sites Satellite Server enables organizations to deliver segmented, targeted, and dynamically assembled content across global Web properties with rapid response times and intelligent edge caching to optimize and speed the delivery of dynamic Web experiences.

  • Oracle WebCenter Sites Satellite Server
Feature Benefit
Large Volumes of Customized Pages Can be Dynamically Assembled in Real ­Time and Delivered at Lightning Speed, Even During Times of Peak Demand

Enable personalization and targeting across a large-scale, geographically dispersed Web presence.

Ensure the most recent content is always available for fast delivery to the live Website.

Dynamic Content Delivery Capabilities, Even for Large Files Such as PDFs, Images, and Multimedia

By caching individual content components rather than complete pages, new Web experiences can be assembled dynamically for maximum flexibility and efficiency.

Reaching specific audiences and engaging them through dynamic and targeted online content builds loyalty and increased traffic.

Automated Process for Targeted and Multilingual Content Authoring, Set­up of Content Delivery Rules, and Delivery of Content—on a Single Set of Technologies

Enables global delivery of sites with multilingual and multilocale content for increased presence.

By distributing Oracle WebCenter Sites satellite servers in multiple geographic locations, businesses can achieve a truly international presence while still delivering a high­-performance, dynamic Web presence that is centrally managed.

Ability to Incrementally Add Oracle WebCenter Sites Satellite Servers Inside the Data Center and at the Network Edge

Flexible scaling without compromising site performance allows enterprises to structure their architecture to fit the scalability needs of their business and ensure support during peak demand.

The flexible scaling architecture supports adding servers at the network edge to support the largest-scale dynamic sites and peak traffic times, so content can be located closer to geographically dispersed users for faster performance and lower costs.

Automated Caching of Pages and Page Components, Cache Updates, Flushing, and Retirement

Maximized reliability and optimized performance with a self­-managing cache that handles automatic cache updating and flushing.

When a user requests a personalized page, it is instantly assembled on the fly from these cached components and delivered as quickly as a static site.

Integration with Supplemental Scaling or Caching Appliances

Dramatically improve performance for dynamic and personalized content delivery, regardless of volume.

Ability to design an architecture and improve cost of ownership using inexpensive edge-caching system appliances that can take scaling capabilities to any order of magnitude.

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