SPARC T5-2 Server and Oracle FLEXCUBE Deliver World Record Banking Results


(As of Tuesday, 26 March 2013)

Oracle's SPARC T5-2 server running Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking Release 12 with Oracle Database 11g Release 2 on Oracle Solaris 11, achieved new world record results, processing 25 million accounts in 56 minutes for End of Day and 150 minutes for End of Month workloads. In addition to this record-breaking result, the system also achieved a new world record result by processing 10.14 million accounts in 28 minutes for End of Day workload with an average cpu utilization of 72% on a single server.


The benchmark was modeled on real-life banking situations, which included accrual for savings, and term deposit accounts, interest capitalization for saving accounts, and interest pay out for term deposit accounts. The benchmark was conducted for various workload sizes and financial events, which occur at the end of a business day and a business period. End of cycle processing represents the highest workload for IT systems in banks.

These tests are conducted to measure the throughput and scalability capabilities of the system. Banks can take advantage of these tests to define their IT infrastructure needs and understand the total cost of ownership of their core banking application. . The results of the benchmark are certified by Oracle.


A SPARC T5-2 server configured with 2 x 3.6 GHz processors running Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking Release 12 and Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) 11g Release 2 database achieved multiple records. End of Month processing of 25 million accounts was completed in 150 minutes utilizing 32 cores (2 sockets), with an average CPU utilization of 55% and 196 minutes utilizing 20 cores. The End of Day processing of 25 million accounts was achieved in 56 minutes utilizing just 20 cores.

A SPARC T5-2 server running Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking Release12 achieved twice the throughput compared to a SPARC T4-4 server, which has twice the number of processors, for End of Month batch processing.

These results demonstrate how the SPARC T5 processor systems along with Oracle Solaris 11 can benefit banks that are running Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking. The uniquely co-engineered Oracle software and SPARC T5-based system unlock unique agile capabilities demanded by modern business environments.

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