Oracle Energy and Water Awards

The energy and water industries are transforming rapidly and we would like to take the opportunity to recognize our customers and the amazing work they are doing leveraging technology for the advancement of energy and water services around the world.

Energy and Water Awards Overview

The Oracle Energy and Water Awards recognize organizations/customers that are driving sustainability, business transformation, and innovation. These awards serve to celebrate our customers’ successes and accomplishments, in addition to inspiring future transformation and innovation.

Award Timeline

  • Nomination open: September 25th, 2023, at 12:01 AM
  • Nominations closed: December 8th, 2023, at 11:59 PM
  • Finalist announced: February 2024
  • Winners announced: March 2024

Congratulations to our 2023 Oracle Energy and Water Winners!

Environmental Impact Award

Innovator Award

Initiative of the Year Award

Strategic Vision Award

Frequently Asked Questions

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    • Who can enter?

      The Oracle Energy and Water Awards are open to any organization that uses services under the Oracle Energy and Water solution umbrella and has achieved extraordinary results leveraging our technologies.

    • What are Oracle’s goals for the awards?

      We have two main goals: to celebrate our extraordinary customers and to showcase their remarkable success stories.

    • How will winners be recognized?

      The winners will be announced live at Customer Edge Conference in Austin, TX on March 24-26, 2024.

    • How many finalists will be announced in each category?

      We will announce up to three finalists per category. Each finalist will receive recognition to celebrate their achievement.

    • Are the Oracle Energy and Water Awards only open to companies in North America?

      No, the Oracle Energy and Water Awards are global.

    • Can I submit an entry on someone else’s behalf?

      Yes. If you know of a person or organization that deserves recognition, please do. Be sure to include their contact details so we can reach out to confirm their participation.

    • Can I enter more than one category?

      Absolutely. Apply for as many awards as are appropriate. Depending on your submission, the judging panel might move your nomination to another category if they feel it’s a better fit.

    • What makes a winning entry?

      Our judges are looking to highlight some of the incredible work our customers have been doing in recent years to increase their organization’s performance, lower costs, create positive impacts, and improve user experience for both employees and customers. When submitting your nomination, it helps considerably to include metrics and measurable results to demonstrate the extent of the impact Oracle Energy and Water technology has had on the organization and customers.

    • What information do I need before starting a nomination?

      You will need information about the project or initiative, the challenges faced, how Oracle Energy and Water solutions were used to help overcome those challenges, and the results achieved after implementing the solutions.

Project leadership awards

  • Initiative of the Year Award

    The Initiative of the Year award honors organizations for outstanding technology projects that showcased the organization’s leadership, strategic vision, innovation, advancement, and overall results delivered to their customers.

  • Innovator Award

    The Innovator award celebrates businesses that have created a culture of innovation that ultimately benefits their customers, stakeholders, and industry.

  • Environmental Impact Award

    The Environmental Impact award recognizes utilities that have made a commitment to sustainable management and made significant advancements toward their environmental impact goals.

  • Strategic Vision Award

    The Strategic Vision recognizes one utility that demonstrates the ability to foresee trends, needs, or issues pertaining to the utility industry, and demonstrates the ability to advance the industry through the adoption of technology.