Product Tour—Opower Technology Platform

Personalize and connect everything—flexible access to data and insights

Amplify experiences with the Opower customer engagement platform

The platform combines AI and behavioral science to reduce complexity and deliver industry-leading engagement offerings. Those offerings influence customers to enroll in utility-sponsored programs, improve equity and affordability, and help shift energy load off the grid.

Support customers with business intelligence

Opower’s analytics visualization brings all your customer data and insights into one convenient business intelligence tool for a self-service experience. Reports and queries can be exported to other applications, including marketing automation systems.

Understand customer load shapes and digital engagement metrics. Learn who your most vulnerable customers are with predictive analytics. Get behind the meter with disaggregation insights to understand how much energy each appliance uses.

Personalize applications and web features with on-demand data access

A single API endpoint provides on-demand access to utility and third-party applications to personalize experiences. Prepopulate surveys with information about each customer. Offer personalized recommendations and prefiltered content unique to each customer.

Consolidate identity management with a single vendor

Opower federates customer identities to your trusted applications, so customers don’t have to manage separate account credentials. Remove a key barrier to program enrollment and product purchases while connecting experiences across vendors.

Deliver one-stop shop portals and simplify website layouts

A widget SDK allows applications to be embedded as Opower features. Reduce the number of clicks by consolidating insights to a single page. Leverage one customer view for all their needs.

Access on-demand innovation and design services

Personalized outreach, web development, and analytics services support your utility goals. A dedicated consulting team can add key features to the Opower technology platform that include

  • Enrollment web pages
  • Microsites
  • Rate education communications
  • Success measurement
  • Video communications
  • And more

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