AI Solution

Simplify Transcriptions with OCI Generative AI and OCI Speech


If you’ve ever needed to take an audio recording, transcribe it, and summarize what was said, you know how many steps that can take while juggling several files. Let’s use AI to more efficiently solve the problem.

With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Speech and OCI Generative AI, we can automate audio-to-text conversion and build a concise summary all at once. This could, for example, be applied to a call center that handles thousands of calls, using a summary of the call transcripts to draw insights for improving customer experience.

OCI Speech is an AI service that uses automatic speech recognition technology to transform audio-based content into text. OCI Generative AI analyzes this text and can generate, summarize, transform, and extract information from it. You could even take the next step to use these AI capabilities to build a low-code application with Oracle Visual Builder.

Try this project to invoke the OCI Speech REST API, convert audio files into text, and invoke the Generative AI REST API to summarize it.


Demo: Simplify Transcriptions with OCI Generative AI and OCI Speech (1:44)

Prerequisites and setup

  1. Oracle Cloud account—sign-up page
  2. Visual Builder—documentation for Visual Builder
  3. OCI Speech—documentation for OCI Speech
  4. Integration workflow—Oracle Integration 3
  5. OCI Generative AI—Python SDK