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    Frequently asked questions: Oracle Bring Your Own License (BYOL)

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  • What is Oracle BYOL?

    BYOL stands for “bring your own license.” Oracle BYOL allows our customers to apply licenses they currently own for on-premises software for equivalent, highly automated Oracle PaaS. Previously, Oracle BYOL could only be used for IaaS. With this program, customers can leverage their existing on-premises licenses with 100 percent workload compatibility and license mobility, helping you reach business value faster.

    Learn more about Oracle BYOL, Universal Credits program, and license mapping rules (PDF).

    Oracle’s current PaaS offering is license-included PaaS, which offers:

    • Compute and compute support
    • Automation
    • License entitlement and license support

    Oracle BYOL to PaaS includes:

    • Compute and compute support
    • Automation

    Customers bring their on-premises license entitlement and get license support via their existing on-premises support contract. As customers leverage their existing on-premises license entitlement, they can move to the cloud at a lower cost.

  • If I want to move a license entitlement to the cloud, can I bring the entitlement back to on-premises?

    Yes. You have complete license mobility between on-premises and the public cloud and Oracle Cloud@Customer.

  • How are on-premises license entitlements mapped to Oracle Cloud under Oracle BYOL?

    The mapping rules are defined in the Oracle PaaS and IaaS Universal Credits Service Description document (PDF).

    At a high level, one Oracle Processor License maps to two OCPUs. Refer to the above document for more details.

  • Do all existing license-included PaaS offerings have an Oracle BYOL to PaaS counterpart?

    No. There are cloud-only services that have no on-premises analog. Some examples of this are: Oracle Mobile Cloud, Oracle API Platform Cloud Service, Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service, and Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service.

    These services are only available as license-included PaaS, as there are no on-premises license entitlements to bring to the cloud.

  • How is Oracle BYOL to PaaS impacted by the new Oracle Universal Credit pricing model?

    Customers can use their credits to provision and burn down credits against license-included PaaS services or Oracle BYOL to PaaS services.

  • Do customers have to continue to pay their annual support fees for on-premises licenses they use for BYOL to PaaS?


  • Are on-premises license entitlements for Oracle Database Standard Edition, Oracle Database Standard Edition 1, and Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 mapped to Oracle Database Standard Edition Cloud Service?


  • Can I use BYOL if I want to move my workloads from Oracle Database Standard Edition to Oracle Autonomous Database?

  • Can a customer mix license-included PaaS and Oracle BYOL to PaaS in the same provisioned instance?

    No, the two cannot be mixed in the same instance.

  • With license-included PaaS, customers can simply scale up or down and are charged hourly for “renting” the service from Oracle. How does scaling working for Oracle BYOL to PaaS?

    The same capability exists with one significant difference. With Oracle BYOL to PaaS, customers must bring a license entitlement from on-premises to the cloud. So if a customer has many unused licenses available on-premises, they can scale up or down to match demand, provided they have the appropriate number of BYOL entitlements.

  • Can’t a customer do Oracle BYOL to PaaS for the steady-state workload and then scale up using license-included PaaS?

    It depends on the architecture. If the customer can scale horizontally by adding new instances, then they can start new instances with license-included PaaS.

    However in many situations, they need to scale an instance vertically by adding more cores to the instance,—the database in particular. In this case, you can’t mix Oracle BYOL to PaaS with license-included PaaS in the same instance. They must either be all Oracle BYOL to PaaS cores, or all license-included cores.

  • Given that we’ve ensured that every customer using Oracle Database license-included PaaS has access to Diagnostics Pack, Tuning Pack, Data Masking and Subsetting Pack, and Real Application Testing, are we extending the same experience to Oracle BYOL customers?

    Yes. When a customer brings an Oracle Database Enterprise Edition license entitlement to Oracle PaaS, they are granted the rights to use Diagnostics Pack, Tuning Pack, Data Masking and Subsetting Pack, and Real Application Testing without having on-premises license entitlements for those database options.

  • Are Diagnostics Pack, Tuning Pack, Data Masking and Subsetting Pack, and Real Application Testing included for customers who use BYOL to IaaS?

    No, these entitlements are only granted to customers who use BYOL to PaaS.

  • Can Oracle Unlimited License Agreement customers certify licenses in the BYOLed program to Oracle Cloud?


  • How can I estimate my costs with the Oracle Universal Credit program and Oracle BYOL to PaaS programs?

    Plug your information into the Cost Estimator.