Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer

Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer is a fully managed, rack-scale distributed cloud platform that lets you use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Compute anywhere. Gain the benefits of cloud automation and economics in your data center by running OCI Compute with storage and networking services on Compute Cloud@Customer. It’s the simplest way for you to run applications on cloud infrastructure while meeting your needs for data residency, security, and low-latency connections to existing resources and real-time operations.

Bring OCI Compute to Your Data Center with Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer (2:12)
Bring OCI Compute to Your Data Center with Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer (2:12)

Fully managed, rack-scale infrastructure that lets you run OCI Compute anywhere

See how Compute Cloud@Customer helps you succeed.

Run scalable OCI compute, storage, and networking services in a distributed cloud.

Meet data residency, security, and latency requirements.

Lower costs with dynamic consumption pricing.

Modernize your entire application stack.

Fully managed and supported by Oracle.

Secure data with always-on encryption and Oracle Operator Access Control.

Why choose Compute Cloud@Customer?

Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer lets you run applications and middleware using OCI services on high performance cloud infrastructure in your data center. It enables you to quickly deploy applications where you need them using a rack-scale platform and infrastructure-as-code automation. Modernize your entire application stack using cloud resources by combining Compute Cloud@Customer with Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer for Oracle Database.

  • Simple and affordable

    Use fully managed cloud infrastructure and OCI Compute services with a 100% OpEx model and dynamic consumption pricing to reduce your costs.

  • Flexible and powerful

    Run your cloud native and traditional applications using flexible VM shapes with up to 96 compute cores each and scalable object, block, and file storage.

  • Fully compatible

    Employ the same OCI services, APIs, and automation as the rest of Oracle’s distributed cloud to easily develop workloads once and run them anywhere.

  • Deploy anywhere

    Meet your needs for data residency and low latency by deploying rack-scale infrastructure in distributed locations.

How Compute Cloud@Customer works

Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer is Oracle-owned and remotely managed cloud infrastructure that’s installed at a data center or location of your choosing. It lets you run OCI compute, storage, and networking services while enabling you to meet data residency requirements and the need for low-latency connections to existing data center assets and real-time operations.

Select the number of compute cores and total storage you’ll need, and Oracle will deliver, install, maintain, and manage the infrastructure. Subscribe to affordable Compute Cloud@Customer infrastructure and pay consumption costs only for the compute and storage resources you use. Unlike other providers that don’t have variable consumption costs or that require you to purchase hardware from a different vendor, Compute Cloud@Customer provides you with a 100% OpEx model that uses the same Universal Credits you use for OCI and lowers your cost by not charging for unused resources.

When using Cloud@Customer, your data is always protected by always-on encryption and other OCI security capabilities. The OCI Console and common APIs are used to manage services and applications running on Compute Cloud@Customer, Exadata Cloud@Customer, and in OCI regions, making it easy to move workloads across Oracle’s distributed cloud environments.

How Compute Cloud@Customer works
How Compute Cloud@Customer works

Compute Cloud@Customer use cases

  • Estate modernization with data residency

    Move applications, including licensed applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite, to Compute Cloud@Customer and connect directly to Exadata Cloud@Customer to improve performance, reduce administration time, and lower costs. Consolidate traditional and cloud native workloads on a single Compute Cloud@Customer platform to reduce costs.

  • Distributed cloud with centralized management

    Deploy and manage applications across the country or around the world and centrally manage them from a single pane of glass. Pay for infrastructure and services using OpEx with a globally consistent pricing model that lets you only pay consumption costs for the resources you use.

  • Disaster recovery

    Reduce the cost of protecting applications and middleware stacks by deploying Compute Cloud@Customer at a standby location and only paying for the resources you use.

Analyst perspectives on Compute Cloud@Customer

  • “Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer unlocks the magic, performance, and affordable pricing of OCI by making it highly available on the customer’s premises. That’s critically important for those organizations that need data residency, lower application latencies with faster response times, and tighter security. Just as critical is the affordable pricing.”

    – Marc Staimer
    Senior Analyst, Wikibon Research
August 9, 2023

Introducing Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer

Jason Schaffer, Vice President of Product Management, Oracle

With Compute Cloud@Customer, you can cost-effectively run middleware and applications with high performance, availability, and cloud economics. Located in your data center or distributed data centers, it helps you meet data residency requirements and the need to distribute cloud resources close to end users.

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