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Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Instances

OCI Compute provides NVIDIA GPU-based bare metal and virtual machine instances for a variety of use cases, from mainstream graphics and video to the most demanding AI training and HPC workloads. Remote direct memory access (RDMA) communication between instances supports large GPU clusters with 1,600 Gb/sec of bandwidth for workloads such as model training, inference computation, physics-based modeling and simulation, image rendering, and massively parallel HPC applications.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise

NVIDIA GPU Cloud Machine Image on OCI is certified and supported with NVIDIA AI Enterprise, a fully managed, secure, and cloud native suite of AI and data analytics software.

GPU instances—key features

High-performance NVIDIA GPU instances

NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs

NVIDIA GPUs are designed to run the same instruction multiple times with different data, helping customers solve complex problems in science, engineering, and business. Oracle’s newest GPU is ideally suited for model training, inference computation, physics and image rendering, and massively parallel applications.

Bare metal performance

Bare metal servers allow customers to run high performance, latency-sensitive, specialized, and traditional workloads directly on server hardware—just as they would on-premises. Bare metal instances are ideal for workloads that need to run in nonvirtualized environments.

RDMA + GPU = massive speed and scale

NVIDIA A100 GPUs utilize Oracle’s low latency cluster networking, based on remote direct memory access (RDMA), running over converged ethernet (RoCE) with latency of less than two microseconds. Customers can host more than 500 GPUs in a cluster and scale on demand.

Choose from optimized VM and bare metal shapes

Range of instance types and configurations

Match your workload with different instance types to find your ideal fit.

  • Select from NVIDIA A10, A100, V100, or P100 GPUs
  • Choose from VMs or bare metal instances
Intel and AMD CPU options

Utilize the CPU architecture you prefer, based on workload demands.

  • Up to 2,048 GB of memory on bare metal
  • Up to 1 PB of block storage
  • Networking from 25 Gb/sec to 1,600 Gb/sec RDMA

Optimal price-performance

Block storage price-performance advantage

Oracle block volumes are 57% less expensive than the competition and deliver performance that meets or exceeds their offerings. Oracle’s straightforward and globally consistent cloud storage pricing has no provisioning charges for standard input/output operations per second usage and eliminates the need to use complex pricing formulas to forecast spending.

Gain network efficiency

Oracle Cloud networking infrastructure is fast, predictable, and inexpensive, offering the lowest data egress charges from a major cloud provider (after offering 10 TB at no charge). For customers with significant data transfer requirements, this results in a huge cost advantage.

Consistent global pricing

Compute, storage, database, and infrastructure prices are the same across the globe, offering savings of 30% or more relative to competitors in some geographies.

Secure cloud infrastructure

Isolated network virtualization

Prevent attacks on customer tenancies with isolated network virtualization. A foundational element of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s security-first architecture, the design stops malware in its tracks with a custom-designed SmartNIC to isolate and virtualize the network.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management

Using easy-to-define policies organized by logical groups of users and resources, control not only who has access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources but which ones and the access type. Customers manage identities and grant access by leveraging existing organizational hierarchies and federated directory services, including Microsoft, Okta, and other SAML directory providers.

Hardware root of trust

Reduce the risk of firmware-based attacks against Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customer tenants with custom-built, hardware-based, root-of-trust-technology designed to wipe and reinstall the firmware every time a new server is provisioned or a new customer tenancy is established.

Oracle Web Application Firewall

Protect applications from malicious and unwanted internet traffic with a cloud-based, PCI-compliant, global web application firewall (WAF) service. By combining threat intelligence with consistent rule enforcement, this service strengthens defenses and protects internet-facing application servers.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Vault

Centrally manage and maintain control of the encryption keys and secret credentials used to protect enterprise data and access resources. The security for both are stored in Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2, Level 3-certified, hardware security module (HSM).

Users can further control permissions for individual keys and vaults with OCI Identity and Access Management and monitor key lifecycle changes with OCI Audit to meet enhanced compliance requirements.

Choice of operating systems and application images

Choose from popular operating systems

Oracle supports an extensive list of Microsoft Windows Server and enterprise Linux operating systems, including Oracle Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, and many others. Oracle Autonomous Linux is a free, autonomous operating environment that reduces complexity and human error to deliver increased cost savings, security, and availability.

Automate operating system management

The OCI OS Management service allows customers to set policies for automated updates and patches for their operating system environment.

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Bring your own image (BYOI)

Customers can run their own operating systems and hypervisors on Oracle compute instances and use the same image across configuration sizes.

Leverage Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Access software and disk images

Oracle Cloud Marketplace provides software and disk images for data science, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) models so customers can quickly gain insight from their data.


Access hundreds of GPU-optimized applications for machine learning, deep learning, and high performance computing covering a wide range of industries and workloads. Learn more.

NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation

Customers can deliver powerful workstation performance wherever employees need it by running NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation on Oracle Cloud.

Microservices and containers

Container registry

Developers building applications using containers leverage a highly available, Oracle-managed private container registry service for storing and sharing container images. Push or pull Docker images to and from the registry using the Docker V2 API and the standard Docker command line interface (CLI). Images can be pulled directly into a Kubernetes deployment.

Oracle Functions

Functions as a service (FaaS) lets developers run serverless applications that integrate with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Cloud Applications, and third-party services. Gain developer efficiency along with the community of the open source Fn Project.

Talk with Oracle about accelerating your GPU workloads.

GPU instances—use cases

See how OCI and NVIDIA power next-generation AI models

National Grid analyzes weather 40% better on Oracle Cloud

“Oracle Cloud Infrastructure allows us to process tens of thousands of models, so we can train our algorithms very quickly. It’s one of the best platforms in the world for the type of work we do.”

James Kelloway, Energy Intelligence Manager
National Grid ESO

SoundHound selects OCI to support huge company growth

“We view this relationship with OCI as long term. We’re excited about taking advantage of the GPUs and using that to train our next generation of voice AI. There's a lot that we think that OCI will provide for us in terms of future growth.”

James Hom, Cofounder and Vice President of Products

WEKA on OCI delivers 2 terabytes per second performance

“Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a top tier Hyperscaler cloud that provides XaaS compute and application services to Oracle customers, and offers a lot more than you might expect, including AI/ML and GPU workloads.”

Joel Kaufman
Senior Technical Marketing Manager, WEKA

Tango Eye serves more customers at lower cost with Oracle

“Since moving off AWS, we have quadrupled our data footprint while reducing our costs by 40%. We use 33% less GPU compute capacity on OCI than AWS.”

Suren Gounder, CEO
Tango Eye

Altair tests and runs complex simulations overnight on OCI

“The integration with Oracle’s cloud platform provides us with state-of-the-art GPU compute resources, world-class security, and highly flexible VMware environments. Ultimately, this leads to improved productivity, optimized resource utilization, and faster time to market.”

Sam Mahalingam, Chief Technology Officer

GPU specifications and pricing

GPU Instances Specifications

Instances are available as virtual machines and bare metal, providing flexibility and high performance.

GPU Interconnect
GPU Memory
CPU Cores
CPU Memory
GPU Price Per Hour (US$)
Server Price Per Hour (US$)
Large Scale-out AI Training
8x NVIDIA A100 80GB Tensor Core
640 GB
2,048 GB
4x 6.8TB NVMe
8x2x100 Gb/sec RDMA*

8x NVIDIA A100 40GB Tensor Core
320 GB
2,048 GB
4x 6.8TB NVMe
8x2x100 Gb/sec RDMA*

Small AI Training, Inference, Streaming, Gaming, VDI
(coming soon)
1x NVIDIA A10 Tensor Core
24 GB
240 GB
Block storage
24 Gb/sec

(coming soon)
2x NVIDIA A10 Tensor Core
48 GB
480 GB
Block storage
48 Gb/sec

4x NVIDIA A10 Tensor Core
96 GB
1,024 GB
2x 3.84TB NVMe
2x50 Gb/sec

1x NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core
16 GB
90 GB
Block storage
4 Gb/sec

2x NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core
32 GB
180 GB
Block storage
8 Gb/sec

4x NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core
64 GB
360 GB
Block storage
25 Gb/sec

8x NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core
128 GB
768 GB
4x 1.92TB NVMe
2x 25 Gb/sec

1x NVIDIA P100
16 GB
72 GB
Block storage
8 Gb/sec

2x NVIDIA P100
32 GB
192 GB
Block storage
2x 25 Gb/sec

  • *Each NVIDIA A100 node has eight 2-100 Gb/sec NVIDIA ConnectX SmartNICs connected through OCI’s high-performance cluster network blocks, resulting in 1,600 Gb/sec of bandwidth between nodes.
October 19, 2022

Announcing new capabilities for radically simple cloud infrastructure

Greg Pavlik, Senior Vice President, Oracle

Core cloud infrastructure may seem, at first glance, to be rather plain. Like the engine of your car, its purpose is to get the job done, consistently and quietly. But, just as our automobile engines have been evolving from gasoline-powered to hybrid and electric motors…

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