Cost Management and Governance

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Cost Management and Governance services help monitor cloud spending, increase accountability, and optimize cloud efficiency. These services empower financial leaders establish guardrails, ensuring cost and governance control without impeding growth. Start using the cost and governance suite of products to control, scale, and report on your cloud usage.

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Monitor and increase your team’s accountability

Learn how to leverage OCI's various cost management tools to aid the FinOps practices in your cloud implementation. Visualize consumption information, dive deeper into resource-level granular reports, and create accountability against targets for your IaaS/PaaS or SaaS.

Control your cloud spending

OCI helps you enforce your budget so that your cloud costs don't spiral out of control. With services such as functions and quotas, you can satisfy both your budgetary and innovation needs.

Optimize your cloud resources

Ensure that you're making the most of your cloud resources and rely on OCI to automatically identify and eliminate inefficiencies. Build the most performant environment for your budget.

Introductions to cost management services

Billing and cost management overview

This video introduces you to the tools you can use to manage your service costs and track billing and spending.

Cloud Advisor demo

Watch the Cloud Advisor in action.

Organization Management demo

Watch Organization Management in action.

License Manager demo

Watch the License Manager in action.

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Cost Management and Governance services


Organization Management

Organization Management enables you to build, scale, and govern your multi-tenancy environment.

  • Create new or link existing tenancies to the organization for centralized management
  • Share subscriptions across tenancies
  • Manage service restrictions, allowable regions, and tags across the Organization
  • Centrally manage cost and governance as the parent tenancy

Architecture Essentials

A family of tools consisting of tagging, tenancy explorer and domain management that helps you govern your footprint on OCI.

  • Create, manage, and attach tag namespaces, tag keys, and default tags
  • Get a comprehensive view of your resources with Tenancy Explorer
  • Add your own domain names with Domain Management

Report and Analyze

Cost Analysis and Reports

Cost Analysis can help you visualize and track your spending based on your preferred parameters. Cost reports give you a breakdown of your invoice line items at resource-level granularity. This allows you to make better-informed cloud spending decisions. Usage reports provide a detailed breakdown of resources in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for audits or invoice reconciliation.

  • Cost reports are generated every six hours
  • Daily usage reports are automatically generated
  • Generate custom cost analysis reports and save them
  • Estimate future usage based on past usage data

License Manager

License Manager helps you audit your bring-your-own-license (BYOL) usage on OCI.

  • Automatically attribute your on-premises licenses to cloud resources
  • Track your usage of all Oracle and third-party licenses in OCI
  • Get notified about oversubscription and license expirations

Governance and control


Use Quotas in OCI to control and enforce a limit on your resource consumption within your tenancy for a specific compartment.

  • Stay in control of your budget by setting up service quotas
  • Set a policy with simple declarative language that’s similar to the identity and access management policy language
  • Allocate resources with a high level of flexibility to optimize your budget

Payment and Subscriptions

Subscriptions lets you view your subscriptions to applications and services as well as related usage details such as billing schedules and rate card information. Invoices and Payment History allow you to view, pay, track and monitor your invoices. With Payment and Subscriptions, track the following:

  • Usage information
  • Billing schedule
  • Rate card
  • SaaS Application Usage
  • Payment and billing data

Budget and Forecast


Budgets allows you to set thresholds for your spending on OCI. You'll get notifications if you approach a spending threshold.

  • Customize notifications and get alerts on your actual or forecasted spending
  • Set your Budgets on meaningful dimensions such as Tags, Compartments, or Tenancies

Cost Estimator

OCI Cost Estimator helps you estimate your monthly usage and costs for OCI services before you commit.

  • Easy-to-use evaluation
  • Bookmarking and sharing capabilities

Optimize and Reduce Cost

Cloud Advisor

Cloud Advisor enables you to identify underutilized resources, quickly rightsize your resources, and surface recommendations to improve high availability and security to help you use your cloud resources more efficiently.

  • View recommendations for cost optimization, performance, high availability, and security
  • Easily implement recommendations to optimize cloud environments
  • Report on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute, Database, Storage, Load Balancer, and more

Oracle Support Rewards

Accrue rewards based on your OCI usage and decrease your Oracle support cost with Oracle Support Rewards.

  • Track accrued rewards
  • Dive deep into the usage that earned the rewards
  • View redemption codes associated with a subscription
April 5, 2022

OCI Cloud Advisor: Recommendation logic explained plus new cost savings recommendation

Dipti Ranjan Sahoo , Principal Product Manager, Oracle

We’re happy to announce that Cloud Advisor users can now see new types of compute recommendations, called change to burstable recommendations, in the cost management category. When Cloud Advisor determines that E3 compute instances are consistently underutilized with occasional spikes in usage, it recommends that you convert the compute instance to a burstable instance.

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