Media Streams Features

Just-in-time (JIT) packaging

OCI Media Streams allows for JIT packaging of HLS and DASH ladders. You only need to store a single package of video content to address the requirements of multiple types of devices, and OCI provides the compute capacity to do this efficiently. For a more storage-heavy approach, OCI Media Streams also performs static packaging, but this approach will require multiple packages for different classes of devices and encryption and DRM configurations.

Full OCI integration

Full integration with OCI Object Storage ensures easy access to where the video manifest file and all variants are located.

CDN origination

OCI Media Streams provides integration with Akamai for simple configuration and fast content delivery.


Media processing output can be played back on common mobile and desktop platforms. Playback can occur through native, full-featured OMP media players and set-top boxes, as well as plugins to popular third-party and open source players.