5G Service Communication Proxy

Secure and manage 5G networks by providing routing control, resiliency, and observability to your core network. Designed as microservices using cloud native principles, the Service Communication Proxy leverages 5G awareness to address many challenges introduced by the service-based architecture (SBA) of the 5G core.

DISH Wireless selects Oracle for 5G core service-based architecture.

Service Communication Proxy features and benefits

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Ease operations

Streamline operations through traffic balancing.

Simplify network topology

Optimize 5G core network function (NF) interconnections.

Improve load balancing

Provide a complete view of all the messages arriving for a given NF type, supporting schemes such as round-robin and weighted round-robin, and factor in current load and NF availability to improve load balancing.

Leverage the canary upgrade for producer NFs

Rely on enhanced routing controls for canary upgrades and A/B testing when rolling out new NF releases.

Optimize interoperability

Provide mediation by modifying the HTTP headers and JSON payload before they are forwarded to the destination NF.

Enhance resiliency

Improve resiliency and security through alternate routing.

Ensure a robust network

Boost resiliency in your 5G core network by providing features such as alternate routing, outlier detection, and circuit breaking.

Provide congestion control

Protect the network from flooding by malicious or rogue consumer NFs, and protect NFs themselves from being overloaded.

Enhance visibility

Gain greater visibility into the core network.

Monitor 5G service-based interface (SBI) traffic

Intercept 5G SBI traffic between NFs and get an enriched message feed to external monitoring/analytics solutions.

Leverage 5G-aware metrics

Collect status updates from network health indicators at any given time.

Take advantage of 5G-aware tracing

Gain end-to-end visibility into control plane flows, leveraging subscriber identifiers such as SUPIs with minimal performance impact.

Enable HTTPS

Receive support for native HTTPS in SBA traffic between 5G network functions, delivering maximum security by preventing unsolicited packet interception. Security can be further bolstered using packet screening functionality to defend against denial-of-service attacks.

Optimize 5G signaling controls

Quickly resolve challenges introduced by the 5G service-based architecture.

Differentiate with a best-of-breed approach

Leverage Oracle’s expertise in leading the standardization of the service communication proxy in 3GPP and more than three decades of experience in core network multigenerational signaling technology.

Meet customer needs quickly with 5G core network functions that can be readily deployed in your network and easily integrated with DevOps workflows and CI/CD pipelines.

Future-proof your 5G core

Overcome challenges introduced by the new 5G core SBA, particularly related to traffic routing, prioritization, overload control, load balancing, and interworking. Remain compliant with the latest 3GPP release with a solution that’s trusted by tier 1 operators and that leverages the latest cloud native principles.

Improve network security

Take advantage of a fully secure cloud native environment with the flexibility to deploy on bare metal and virtual machine infrastructure. Meet security and compliance requirements from a partner with a security-first mindset.

Build a more efficient 5G network

Take advantage of 5G-aware load balancing and offload 5G alternate routing. Manage hybrid deployments with a solution that supports 5G mediation and canary testing and is aware of the 5G subscriber location function.

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